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As a hobbyist I've made a few games in unity, but never felt satisfied enough to release them. With this game, Jumping Jester, I'm satisfied that I've met my project aims. 

A short, difficult, sightly frustrating, replayable game. 

Jumping Jester is an endless runner, with eight unlockable characters, each with a unique stage. Difficult control system based on a joystick. It gets fast quickly! 

Future updates are in the works. Such as adding environmental changes like changing season as you progress, stage movement and obstacles. As well as a respawn ability.

All feedback is warmly welcomed and I'd love to hear from you guys in the comments section, here or on Google Play. 

Thanks !

I must also shout-out the hero Kenney. I used some of their assets. Check it out at https://kenney.itch.io/ and/or https://www.kenney.nl/


Jumping Jester - Endless Runner 29 MB

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